Bootea Teatox Challenge |WHY I’VE HAD TO END IT|

So the first thoughts would be because I’ve given up or something like that, but truly not. I had an appointment with my midwife to see how I’m getting on in my pregnancy and it turns out that I am … Continue reading

Bootea Teatox Challenge |DAYS 7 & 8|

My skin has gotten a lot smoother since the challenge began. That is such a bonus that I didn’t expect! It’s probably all of the fruit and lack of fizzy drinks, but it is such a good feeling going over … Continue reading

Bootea Teatox Challenge |DAYS 5 & 6|

I’ve come to the realisation that I’m never gonna give up chocolate and crisps. But that’s okay because we all need a little vice in our life. Mine is chocolate and crisps. Ha! I’m doing 2 posts in one today, … Continue reading

Bootea Teatox Challenge |DAY 4|

I’m becoming less and less proud of my eating habits, I can’t shift the urge to eat chocolate and crisps! Plus I don’t look any different yet, though I’m not anticipating a thinner self as my body is naturally working … Continue reading

Bootea Teatox Challenge |DAY 3|

Hey guys! Hope you are all doing well in your own world! It’s gone really cold here in Manchester and it was so foggy yesterday. It’s a sign that ‘Winter is Coming!’. So here’s my day 3 of my Bootea … Continue reading

Bootea Teatox Challennge |DAY 1|

Hello all and I hope you had a brilliant Hallowe’en and Happy Samhain to our Pagan friends! So it’s the morning of Day 2 of my Teatox challenge and I have everything from my Day 1 (Saturday 31st October)┬áhere ready … Continue reading