My Top 5 Ways to Prevent and De-Stress |HEALTH|

No one likes being stressed, and we especially don’t like the side effects stress brings along! We need to look after ourselves to make sure our bodies and minds can cope with what life brings us. So here’s my top … Continue reading

Bootea Teatox Challenge |WHY I’VE HAD TO END IT|

So the first thoughts would be because I’ve given up or something like that, but truly not. I had an appointment with my midwife to see how I’m getting on in my pregnancy and it turns out that I am … Continue reading

Bootea Teatox Challenge |DAYS 7 & 8|

My skin has gotten a lot smoother since the challenge began. That is such a bonus that I didn’t expect! It’s probably all of the fruit and lack of fizzy drinks, but it is such a good feeling going over … Continue reading

Bootea Teatox Challenge |DAYS 5 & 6|

I’ve come to the realisation that I’m never gonna give up chocolate and crisps. But that’s okay because we all need a little vice in our life. Mine is chocolate and crisps. Ha! I’m doing 2 posts in one today, … Continue reading

Bootea Teatox Challenge |DAY 4|

I’m becoming less and less proud of my eating habits, I can’t shift the urge to eat chocolate and crisps! Plus I don’t look any different yet, though I’m not anticipating a thinner self as my body is naturally working … Continue reading

Bootea Teatox Challennge |DAY 1|

Hello all and I hope you had a brilliant Hallowe’en and Happy Samhain to our Pagan friends! So it’s the morning of Day 2 of my Teatox challenge and I have everything from my Day 1 (Saturday 31st October)┬áhere ready … Continue reading

Bakewell, Derbyshire Trip September 2015 |SIGHTS|DATES|HAULS|FASHION|

How my weekend was spent celebrating my anniversary and what I picked up from there (Apart from my other half’s cold/flu!) Continue reading