The Bootea Teatox challenge is my personal challenge which I hope to become that bit healthier before I become a mother. I am not trying to lose weight as an initial goal, my goal is to feel more fresh and energised by cutting down on the junk food and eating more fruit and vegetables and dairy and protein. In my challenges you will see my food diaries (Which are honest) and how I feel throughout the challenge. This challenge will take place for 28 days and will include my personal opinion on the product at the end of the challenge.

Bootea Teatox Challenge Overview

Bootea Teatox Challenge Day 1

Bootea Teatox Challenge Day 2

Bootea Teatox Challenge Day 3

Bootea Teatox Challenge Day 4

Bootea Teatox Challenge Days 5 and 6

Bootea Teatox Challenge Days 7 and 8

Bootea Teatox Challenge Days 9, 10 and 11

This challenge had to be ended early due to health reasons.


Are you interested in Bootea? Have a look at their products here!

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