My Minimal/Sickday Makeup Products

I’m the type of person who loves wearing makeup even when I’m ill. It makes me look that less ill plus if I need to go anywhere I don’t scare anybody with my ghastly appearance. This post is just a quick look at what products I use to achieve a minimalistic look for those days when I’m too drained to spend a long time in front of the mirror!

These are the only products I use in a minimalistic look. I keep to the name loyally, but it’s just enough to brighten my face up. As you can see I use these products a lot; the smashbox palette is full of my finger marks and I’ve reached the bottom of my genius palette. 

I use the True Match 4in1 palette by L’oreal for my face as it works as a concealer, primer, foundation and powder. It lasts a long time on my face without going patchy so I only need to apply it once. It doesn’t hide my dark eye circles completely but this look isn’t designed to hide my imperfections perfectly. It covers them enough for me to brave the outside world.

Next up is the Smashbox #shapematters palette. I use everything in this palette in this look; the brow palette to fix my odd brows (I’ve excepted the fact that they will never be on fleek!), the contour powder and Real Techniques contour brush to shape my nose and cheeks (And my jawline depending on how I feel) and the eye palette to add a splash of colour. I use a light shade to highlight my brow bone and a medium brown to sweep in my crease to add depth.

I apply my favourite mascara to my top lash line to finish the look off. If i can last long enough to not wipe it off I’ll apply a lip balm. 

 It doesn’t hide the fact I’m under the weather but if I need to nip out anywhere these products give me that confidence boost. 


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