Bootea Teatox Challenge |DAYS 7 & 8|

My skin has gotten a lot smoother since the challenge began. That is such a bonus that I didn’t expect! It’s probably all of the fruit and lack of fizzy drinks, but it is such a good feeling going over your skin and it is noticeably smoother. I’m trying my hardest to do a good job with this challenge, and not let my personal issues allow a weakness to take control. So here’s my food diaries for days 7 and 8 ((Friday 6th November and Saturday 7th November). Enjoy!



  • Special K topped with walnuts, strawberries, blueberries and activia yogurt
  • Daytime Tea


  • Cheese toastie
  • Micro chips with a side of baked beans


  • Chiquitos! – 2 quesadilla bites with sweet potato and feta cheese, 1 hot baked wrap with a side of fries (I just ate the tortilla, not the (Lack of) filling, 2 large diet pepsi colas.
  • Bedtime tea


  • Fruit smoothie – mango and pineapple
  • Chocolate




I felt awful in all honesty. I couldn’t be bothered to exercise or do much around the house. I literally spent all morning and afternoon on my game to take my mind off things, and then Chris asked if we should go for tea to talk. We were like peaches and cream for so long until it all went pear-shaped again.

That was two nights in a row with no sleep, plus the Chiquitos sat on my stomach funny so I was really uncomfortable trying to sleep. I did eat a lot of bread foods but it didn’t affect me as it would normally do, I don’t know whether that was because of the copious amounts of pineapple I’ve been consuming in the smoothies as pineapple reduces bloating. I can safely say I couldn’t wait for the bedtime tea to work its magic!



  • Fruit smoothie – mango and pineapple
  • Daytime tea


  • Instant cup noodles


  • Risotto – aubergine, courgette, peppers, tomato and pepper sauce
  • 2 slices of granary bread with low fat spread


  • Crisps
  • Chocolate


Hard labour, does that count? I was moving furniture into the new room and tidying up for a good 2 and a half hours.


Food wise I thought I did a bit better than day 7 but not good enough. I think my mood affects my attitude towards food but I’m not too sure how. Whether I eat more when I’m happy or more when I’m sad? I was more unhappy on day 8 than day 7 as I was more tired too.

I felt better in the evening when me and Chris were getting along watching American Horror Story, I still don’t know the security of our ‘relationship’ but I’m trying not to think about that and just focus on the happy moments. I don’t want to stress myself out while I’ve got a baby inside me. I’m taking things day by day making sure I do something active for at least an hour a day.

Thanks for reading, stay sweet x

3 thoughts on “Bootea Teatox Challenge |DAYS 7 & 8|

  1. Do your best to not stress out too much. 🙂 do whatever it takes to get your mind off it 🙂 if you ever need someone to talk to, I’m here (although a couple time zones away) lol. You could go to my contact page and send me a direct email 🙂
    Feel better love! xx

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